Jo Dee Messina's fans helped her fund her new album via a  Kickstarter campaign, and now they also get to pick her first single.

"For years I’ve had people asking for certain songs to be released, but had no control over the singles,” she says. “Now that I have the opportunity, I want to let the fans to choose the single. After all, they made this record possible -- it’s their album!”

Messina has narrowed down the options to two uptempo tunes, 'Woman's Rant' and 'Peace Sign.' Fans can listen to a portion of each song on both her website, as well as her Facebook page, and then cast their vote.

The singer, who raised more than $100,000 through her Kickstarter campaign, is grateful for her fans that have helped her every step of the way. “The people are the ones that make music possible. They are the ones that come to the shows, request the songs, and get the records,” she says. “When I first started the campaign, many folks didn’t get it. The ones that took the time to learn about it got that this project is something we are all doing together. Once again the fans have shown their love and loyalty. I am truly grateful.”'

Messina will juggle putting the finishing touches on her new album with spending much of the next few months on the road. See all of her upcoming concerts here.