Jo Dee Messina spent years embattled with her former record label, Curb Records, over the release of her album, 'Unmistakable,' before she split from the company in 2012. With her last full-length album, 'Delicious Surprise' released back in 2005, the 42-year-old is anxious to record a new CD, which is why she is now enlisting the help of her fans.

The singer launched a Kickstarter campaign, with a goal of raising $100,000 to record her new project by June 23. Messina says it's a way her fans, who have supported her over the years, can be a part of the new music.

"I don't want it blown up to be like every record will be done this way but it's something I thought would be a fun project," she tells Nashville Gab. "For those people who are dedicated fans they actually get something in return at a certain level of funding so it's just a fun thing and I wanted to try it out."

The married mother of two is looking forward to finally being at the helm of her own career. "I've written a lot of the stuff and I've spent years writing stuff just to hear, 'That's not going to work,' so this gives me the freedom to record a bunch of stuff I've wrote," she notes. "It also gives me the opportunity to do different kinds of stuff. There is a bluegrass tune on there, a rock song that I wrote with Pink in mind and just different kind of songs."

In addition to pledging money for the project, fans can who donate certain amounts can receive other incentives, including signed memorabilia, a personal phone call, the chance to appear onstage with Messina, and even dinner and an acoustic concert in their home. Find more information here.