While much of the nation has been gripped by news of Monday's (April 15) Boston Marathon bombing and Friday's area shootout that has resulted in a complete lockdown of the city and surrounding communities, Jo Dee Messina was among those trying to reach relatives by phone and text after hearing about the gun battle on Friday morning. The singer, who was born in Framingham, Mass., has family members living in Watertown, the small community where events continue to unfold.

In a Facebook post, Jo Dee wrote, "OMG! Woke up to the news of a manhunt in Watertown ... That's where the Messinas live. I'm texting my cousin now. They've been in lockdown since last night. She said town is swarming with police, helicopters, and, as she calls them 'army people'. These are my people. Surrounded by chaos. A delayed return of a text makes me nervous."

Jo Dee also revealed that her cousin was running the Boston Marathon when the two bombs went off, killing three people and injuring apporximately 170 more.

"My cousin Jamie was on her way to the finish line, blocks away from [the] explosion during [the] marathon. In her texts the other day, she told me 'That was the scariest day of my whole life. I still can't sleep or do anything. I just feel fear.' Now this is going on right "next door." It's been a heck of a week. Please say a prayer for the folks in Watertown."

Jo Dee, now a Nashville resident and mother to two sons, Noah and Jonah, is scheduled to perform at the Rivers and Spires Festival in Clarksville, Tenn., on Saturday (April 20). For more of her concert dates, click here.

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