Jo Dee Messina's fans have come through for her in a big way. In less than 30 days, more than 800 fans from all around the world have pledged more than $100,000, exceeding the goal Messina set when she launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the recording of her next album.

The singer was locked in a protracted battle with Curb Records over creative control of her music for years before finally departing in 2012. Funding her new music directly through her fans is a way for her to make an album that adheres to her own artistic vision, instead of what a record label believes will sell.

Fans have so far pledged $109,820 for the project, with two days to go in the campaign. All funds in excess of the original goal will go toward the album's promotion. Fans who pledged at various levels will receive early downloads, photos, exclusive shirts and more. Two different backers pledged $7,500 apiece for a package that includes Messina and her husband coming to dinner at their house, and two others paid $10,000 each for a pledge package that includes an acoustic house concert from Messina and her band.

"The people are the ones that make music possible. They are the ones that come to the shows, request the songs, and get the records," Messina says in a press release. "When I first started the campaign, many folks didn't get it. The ones that took the time to learn about it got that this project is something we are all doing together. Once again the fans have shown their love and loyalty. I am truly grateful."

To learn more about the campaign, visit this link.

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