Jillian Jacqueline has teamed up with Keith Urban to deliver a beautiful new song, "If I Were You." Press play above to check out the sweet message for yourself.

"If I Were You" is a cautionary love song about finding a new love so quickly after experiencing heartbreak; Jacqueline's voice blends seamlessly with Urban's throughout the song. Together, they sing about reaching out to each other later, once they've had time to heal.

"If I were you / I would be running, I would be leaving now / If I were you I wouldn't look back / Oh, but I want you to," the lyrics continue. "Keep me in the back of your mind / Maybe call me up sometime / In a couple-a years if you haven't found somebody new / That's what I would do / If I were you."

“I couldn’t wait to share this song. I wrote it — with Sarah Buxton and Jordan Reynolds — about meeting and falling for someone new very soon after a heartbreak and feeling unprepared to love again,” shares Jacqueline in a press release. "The song was very real to me when I wrote it, and is now one of the most special songs of my career because Keith is part of it with me. His voice and guitar playing took this song to the next level, and I am so proud of it."

"If I Were You" is available for purchase now, the track will appear on the singer's upcoming EP release, Side B. More information about Jacqueline, including a list of her upcoming shows, can be found on her official website.

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