Singer-songwriter Margo Price is asking for prayers for her husband, Jeremy Ivey, who has been experiencing coronavirus-like symptoms. The musician has been feeling ill for nearly two weeks, but his tests for the virus — he's had two — have come back negative and inconclusive.

Price and Ivey have been quiet about his illness on social media, but on Monday (April 13), she revealed in an Instagram post that he "has been experiencing a lot of the symptoms for #covid19."

Ivey, Price says, first got tested for the coronavirus, at a drive-up clinic in Nashville, 12 days ago, in early April. "It took nearly nine days to get the test results back. They were negative," she explains, "but Jeremy is still having symptoms including extreme shortness of breath.

"It got so bad that he went into the ER a couple days ago to get tested again," Price adds. That second test, which Ivey received the results of on Monday morning, was "inconclusive," but because Ivey is still experiencing coronavirus symptoms, doctors recommended that he return for a third test.

Ivey's symptoms are particularly worrisome, Price admits, because he is "borderline diabetic/hypoglycemic," which puts him in a higher risk category, should he have coronavirus.

"I’ve been praying more than ever lately, hoping this nightmare will end. I guess I just gotta keep praying ..." Price says in a post on Instagram. On Twitter, she writes, "If you pray, please keep us in your prayers."

Price and Ivey are longtime bandmates, first in the band Secret Handshake and then in Buffalo Clover. Ivey is now a member of Price's band, the Pricetags, and he released his debut solo album, The Dream and the Dreamer, in 2019.

The couple has been married for more than a decade and have three children together. Their youngest, a daughter named Ramona Lynn Ivey, arrived last June, while twin boys Judah and Ezra were born in 2010; however, Ezra died two weeks after birth because of a heart condition.

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