Jeff Tudisca, the soldier whose sign left Miranda Lambert in tears during a recent show, will get to meet the singer at an upcoming concert.

Cory Myers from the Broadway's Electric Barnyard radio show helped arrange a meet and greet between Tudisca, a native of Norwich, Conn., and Lambert, set to take place on Friday night (Aug. 26) at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. In an interview with the show, Tudisca calls the opportunity "a dream come true," but admits that he he "[doesn't] have a damn clue" what he'll say to her.

"The only thing I ever wanted to say to her, I said the other night," he adds, "so now I gotta figure out something else!"

When the DJs suggest that Tudisca bring his poster for Lambert to sign, he admits that he doesn't have it: "I don't know where it ended up," he says.

Tudisca's sign -- which read “3 combat tours … [Your] voice was the last thing I listened to EVERY NIGHT! THANK YOU!!!” -- left Lambert so moved that she was unable to finish her song "The House That Built Me" during her Aug. 19 show in Hartford, Conn. She only made it a few lines in before the sign caught her attention; she stepped away from her microphone to pull the sign out of the crowd and hold it up onstage so the whole crowd could see -- and when she went back to her mic to keep singing, she couldn’t. A few words in, her voice cracked, and the crowd had to take over.

"I didn't mean to do that to her; I just wanted maybe a wink or a wave," Tudisca tells Broadway's Electric Barnyard"That made it -- that was pretty good."

Lambert is currently on the road for her 2016 Keeper of the Flame Tour. “Vice,” released in mid-July, is fans’ first taste of new music from Lambert, who says she has “stories to share” on her upcoming next album.

“Every record I’ve ever made has been a reflection of where I am right then in my life, however old I am. And I’ve never held back at all,” Lambert notes. “But this time, with what I happened to be going through in my life, being honest was never really a choice. Everybody knew anyway. So I just said, I’m gonna journal it, and — good days and bad days — use it for my art.”

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