The name for Jason Michael Carroll's upcoming album, What Color Is Your Sky, came to the singer from a slightly unexpected place: his Facebook page.

Carroll had just returned from a hunting trip and was posting about the experience on his social media.

"I took a shot that day. I missed, but I took a shot. There were a lot of factors as to why I missed, and I'm not going to get into all of them, but it was cold, raining, I was shivering, couldn't hold my gun still, I think the scope was off because I fell out of the tree stand, I'm pretty sure my ammo was wet. Whatever the reason, I missed," Carroll explains in a press release. "I posted about my trip, and a lady decided to start in on me about how I ‘shouldn't shoot God’s creatures because they deserve to live as much as I do.'

"I tried to calm her down by saying, ‘Yes ma'am, you're exactly right! If God would've wanted that animal dead, he would've let my bullet hit it!’ That didn't help at all!" he continues. "After actually trying to calm her down and realizing she only wanted to argue, I typed, 'You're gonna argue no matter what I say, so the sky is blue ... go!'"

After Carroll posted that line, his fans started jumping into the conversation.

"My smarta-- fans jumped in with both feet! I call them that because we all are the same -- they get my humor, and I am a bit of smarta-- myself," he says. "They started posting ‘my sky is green’ or ‘my sky is red.’ Someone posted ‘my sky is purple with a golden hue.’ I typed the words ‘What Color Is Your Sky,’ and before I hit post, I looked at it and thought, ‘That's a song title.’ I deleted it and stared working on the song."

The singer took the title with him on his next trip to Nashville, and the song was penned with his writing team in a day

"We all knew we had something special after we finished it," Carroll says. "That's a good feeling. I love when things come together like that out of a totally organic situation ...

"After weighing several options for album titles, I felt this one [What Color Is Your Sky] evoked a ... positive thought and message," he adds. "That's something I am trying to surround myself with more, personally and professionally.”

What Color Is Your Sky is set for release on May 5. The first single off the album, "God Only Knows," is available for download via Amazon and iTunes.

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