Artist: Jason Aldean

Why We Dig It: The latest video from Jason's double platinum 'My Kinda Party' album certainly leaves a lasting impression, tugging at the heartstrings with an unexpected, emotional twist. "You're just out having fun, growing up wherever you grew up and doing all these things that helped shape you as an adult. But I think as a teen, you don't realize that your teenage years are going to be some of the best years of your life," the singer says about his current Top 25 single. "Then you get older and look back and remember those times and what it's all about."

'Tattoos on This Town' is the fourth single from 'My Kinda Party,' the follow up to Jason's string of No. 1 singles, including his multi-week No. 1 duet, 'Don't You Wanna Sta,' with Kelly Clarkson, 'Dirt Road Anthem' and the album's title track. Jason expects to begin recording his fourth studio album this October.

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