Lady Antebellum are on hiatus for a few months, but none of the trio's members appears to be slowing down too much. Hillary Scott's newly revealed plans for the group's time off include a gospel album with her family.

Scott, along with her mother, Linda Davis; her father, Lang Scott; and her younger sister, Rylee Jean Scott, are currently working on a gospel project that will include well-known hymns as well as songs newly written by the family.

"It’s sort of a nice combination of past, current and maybe what will last long after we’re gone,” Linda Davis tells the Tennessean. “That’s our hope.”

“As parents, it’s so fun to be able to be involved in a project with both of our children," Davis adds. “It’s a dream we didn’t even know to dream about that’s fallen into place.”

Davis explains that the idea for the album came about after the family performed together at Jim Ed Brown's funeral in June.

“He was about family harmonies, and his family wanted us to be a part of that,” she recalls. “Ever since Hillary was a little girl, [family harmony] is all she’s known, as well as Rylee Jean, our youngest daughter.”

Scott's fellow Lady A members are keeping busy as well: Charles Kelley has released his first solo single, "The Driver," and will be embarking on a solo tour at the end of November, while Dave Haywood plans on spending as much time as possible with his one-year-old son, Cash, and is looking at some production opportunities.

“We talked about having a little time off, and it was like, ‘You know what? If we’re going to have a little break here, let’s all be able to do what we want to do during that break and support each other in whatever that may be,'" Haywood explains.

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