While Lady Antebellum are taking a break, Charles Kelley is working on a solo project, and although some bands might be nervous about a member launching out on his own, Kelley's bandmate Dave Haywood says that Kelley has his full support.

"We’ve been doing this together for so long now, and we’ve been watching everybody develop in some really cool and unique ways and watching everyone develop and find things they are really passionate about," Haywood tells The Boot. "We talked about having a little time off, and it was like, ‘You know what? If we’re going to have a little break here, let’s all be able to do what we want to do during that break and support each other in whatever that may be.' So I’m excited for him."

Even though Kelley's solo record will be all him, Haywood says that he's still been involved in the project.

"I’ve been a part of it since Day One," Haywood reveals. "He’s been in the studio with Paul [Worley] working on some of these tunes. It’s been exciting to see him. We started off playing stuff together in bars, here in Nashville, before we met Hillary [Scott]. I think it’s a cool next chapter as we lead into where we’re going with Lady A. Having some studio time and a bunch of shows booked for next year, it’s fun to have a little time to chase down some passions and then pop right back at it next year."

As for Haywood, the proud dad says that he plans on spending as much time as possible with his one-year-old son, Cash.

"I will honestly say, I will never say no to any family time," the 33-year-old maintains. "When we all talked about having a little time off for a couple months of a break, it was like, ‘I’m gonna soak up time and grab my kid and be home every day.’ It’s a true gift.

"I didn’t understand it until I had kids, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I will be home as much as I can be to be with him.’ That’s, to me, the ultimate joy," Haywood continues. "And, to me, that’s the re-inspiration, I think, as we go back into next year as well. But I’ll take any time I get at home with Cash and my wife."

Not that Haywood has entirely abandoned music: He still has several irons in the fire and is exploring other options while the trio is on hiatus.

"I’ve been writing a ton," he adds. "[There's] possibly a couple of production opportunities I’m looking at. I love producing and being in the studio. We’re talking with a couple people about maybe producing a couple bands. [But] lot of it is Dad stuff -- Dad’s solo project."

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