"Loud and Rowdy" is the fitting title of Hank Williams Jr.'s new political radio show. The impassioned Republican will host three two-hour broadcasts leading up to the presidential election, airing his notoriously uncensored opinions on the Obama-Romney showdown, as well as giving news updates and, of course, playing a little music.

So where can you hear the show? Well, that's up to your local radio stations, as it's being offered to any and all of them for free. Bocephus is in the process of recording the shows now and plans to have them done by the weekend, his spokesperson tells the Washington Times.

The country music legend has come under fire over the past year for his public criticism of President Obama. He has accused the Commander in Chief of hating America, hating the military and being a Muslim, among other things. His most infamous rant on FOX News -- comparing the president to Adolph Hitler -- cost him his job with ESPN's "Monday Night Football."

Hank Jr. addresses the president directly through the lyrics to "Take Back Our Country," a track from his recent Old School, New Rules album. In the song, he tells Obama to "pack your bags, head to Chicago, take your teleprompter with you so you'll know where to go."

Watch a Report on Hank's Latest Anti-Obama Sentiments

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