Hank Williams Jr. has revealed his summer touring schedule. The country legend will play 18 dates between June and September this year, beginning with a June 8 show in Morton, Minn. The Old School, New Rules Tour is named after his latest album.

'Old School, New Rules' was released in 2012 and features duets with Brad Paisley and Merle Haggard. Williams and Haggard sing the classic 'I Think I'll Just Sit Here and Drink.' The album was the first from Williams Jr.'s new label, Bocephus Records. 'That Ain't Good' was the first single and his first single overall since 'Red, White and Pink Slip Blues' in 2009, but the song failed to chart.

Bocephus will begin in Minnesota before a date in Georgia and then a ping-pong itinerary that finds him between the east coast and the midwest. No west coast dates were announced, however a press release suggests more tour dates could be added in the future.

Hank Williams Jr. 2013 Old School, New Rules Tour Dates:

6/08 Morton, Minn.

6/21 Alpharetta, Ga.

6/28 Detroit, Mich.

6/29 Kettering, Ohio

7/12 Pensacola, Fla.

7/13 Orlando, Fla.

7/19 Atlantic City, N.J.

7/20 Fredericksburg, Va.

7/26 Southhaven, Miss.

7/27 Guthrie Center, Iowa

8/17 Tower, Minn.

8/24 Beaumont, Texas

8/31 Portsmouth, Va.

9/01 Cherokee, N.C.

9/06 Concho, Okla.

9/07 Newkirk, Okla.

9/13 Bossier City, La.

9/14 Biloxi, Miss.