Garth Brooks has announced the release of a much-anticipated new studio album, and fans have been clamoring for any information they can get about the upcoming release, which is his first all-new studio album since 'Scarecrow' in 2001.

The country music superstar announced the project at a press conference in July. That same day, he confirmed rumors of an enormous comeback tour, which subsequently kicked off in Chicago in September.

Though Brooks has characteristically played it close to the vest, doling out tidbits about the project one by one, here's what we already know about the work in progress.

The Title

Brooks' new album will be called 'Man Against Machine.'

“Music has always been a reflection of where mankind is at the time,” he says. “For 14 years, I have watched heart and soul, dreams and individualism, fighting for their very existence in a world of increasing technology. This album is a reminder to all those who dream, work, and fight for what they believe; do not give up your vision.”

The Release Date

Garth revealed his new album will be released on Nov. 11 during a press conference in Atlanta on Sept. 19.

The Single

Brooks released the first single from the album, 'People Loving People,' on Sept. 3. Written by busbee, Lee Thomas Miller and Chris Wallin, the song is the kind of feel-good inspirational fare that Brooks has often employed to great effect throughout his career.

The Songs

'Man Against Machine' contains 14 brand-new songs. Click here to learn Brooks' thoughts on many of the tunes. The track listing is as follows:

1. 'Man Against Machine'
2. 'She's Tired of Boys'
3. 'Cold Like That'
4. 'All-American Kid'
5. 'Mom'
6. 'Wrong About You'
7. 'Rodeo and Juliet'
8. 'Midnight Train'
9. 'Cowboys Forever'
10. 'People Loving People'
11. 'Send 'Em on Down the Road'
12. 'Fish'
13. 'You Wreck Me'
14. 'Tacoma'

The Label Partner

At the same press conference during which he announced the album, Brooks also revealed it will be released through a partnership with Sony and RCA and his own label, Pearl Records.

Digital Distribution

The record will be available digitally exclusively via GhostTunes, Brooks' newly launched digital service. The new site launched with the digital debut of Brooks’ complete back catalog -- an all-inclusive bundle of his existing music and videos -- as well as a pre-order of his much-anticipated 2014 album and newly announced 2015 album, once available, for “one crazy low price” of $29.99.

He Didn't Write the Songs ...

Brooks has written many of his own hits over the years, but for his upcoming album, he turned to some of the top songwriters in Nashville.

“Truth is, I don’t have too many songs on this album,” Brooks says. ”I don’t trust my pen yet. I’m kind of rusty. I’ve been out of it for a while.”

Among the writers is fellow country star Craig Campbell, who penned 'All-American Kid.' It's Campbell's first time having another artist record one of his songs.

... But His Wife Wanted to Sing One of Them!

Brooks' wife Trisha Yearwood loves 'Tacoma' so much that she wanted it for herself.

"He knows how much I love it!" Yearwood says. "We’re not fighting over it, but I really do love that song, and I would love to record it myself some day."

The Sneak Preview

For 24 hours on Halloween (Oct. 31), Brooks offered fans a sneak peek at his new material, exclusively via GhostTunes.

“A friend of mine at GhostTunes asked if we would take a different look at sampling for this new record … he wanted to know if we would speak a little bit on each song as a snippet of the song was playing,” Brooks explains in an email to fans. “Because he asked, we went into studio and tried it. We were all surprised to hear how cool it turned out.

But why Halloween?

“Because it was his idea and his ask, I felt it fair to keep this to GhostTunes,” Brooks adds. “Because it is GhostTunes, Halloween seems like the perfect time.”

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