Garth Brooks has revealed the track listing for 'Man Against Machine' while giving fans a preview of the upcoming and highly anticipated record on GhostTunes. The sneak peek includes Brooks sharing his thoughts on select tracks, and they're informative, touching and make us that much more excited for the full-length album.

He starts with the title track, 'Man Against Machine.'

"[It's] a raw, powerful, kick-ass kind of song that gets everything up and running," Brooks explains. "Great way to start an album. Great way to start a concert. It's like starting a workout, and starting a workout really, really hard, and then settling in ... this thing has got a lot of muscle."

The word "muscle" is used to describe another of the new songs, 'All-American Kid.' Always unapologetic about his music and love for country, Brooks calls it the "perfect Garth Brooks song."

"We're lucky enough to travel around the world playing music, but the first thing I'll tell anybody [is] ... 'Hey dude, I'm American.' I'm not gonna to change to fit your format. We're not going to lose the steels, we're not going to lose the fiddles. We're going to do what we do. And that's country music with muscle in it," he says. "And I gotta tell ya, 'All-American Kid' is exactly that, just Garth Brooks country music with a hell of a lot of muscle."

'Mom' is the track that will garner the most emotional tears; Brooks himself admits that he cries every time he hears it. He describes the song as a tune about a conversation between God and an unborn child.

"When God describes what a mom is, I weep uncontrollably every time," he says. "Is there anything more beautiful than [a] mom to pay tribute to?"

Especially intriguing is the track named 'Rodeo and Juliet,' a witty play on words. And according to the 52-year-old, the title says it all.

"It's a cowboy's look at Shakespeare and his work," Brooks says. "It's a love story between a young lady and a sport she loves: rodeo."

The song has a definite swing influence, and although surprising, it fits perfectly.

"I haven't heard swing in a million years," Brooks says, "and it feels so fresh on this record."

'Send 'Em on Down the Road' may evoke a few tears from country-loving parents as well. Brooks himself is the father of three daughters, all of whom are now out of the house, so there's a particularly personal aspect to this song.

"There's a great lyric in 'Send 'Em on Down the Road,'" he says. "At the very end, where it says, 'you pick 'em up, you dust 'em off, you hold 'em close, and you pray them a lot.' Anybody who's ever had children, that's what you do 24/7 ... You know it was written by somebody who had just gone through this.

"It doesn't matter if it's kids going from kindergarten to first grade, high school to college, gettin' married -- 'Send 'Em on Down the Road is every parent's anthem," Brooks adds. "What a beautiful song."

Fans who pre-order the record will receive an instant download of 'People Loving People' and 'Send 'Em on Down the Road.' But when they get the full thing, they'll enjoy 'You Wreck Me' for its distinctive piano part.

"There are instrumental licks that define a song," Brooks comments. "The piano on 'You Wreck Me' is a piano lick for the ages."

He describes the song as "very moody" and adds that its theme fits the dynamic of many relationships.

'Man Against Machine' is set for release on Nov. 11.

Garth Brooks, 'Man Against Machine' Track Listing:
1. ‘Man Against Machine’
2. ‘She’s Tired of Boys’
3. ‘Cold Like That’
4. ‘All-American Kid’
5. ‘Mom’
6. ‘Wrong About You’
7. ‘Rodeo and Juliet’
8. ‘Midnight Train’
9. ‘Cowboys Forever’
10. ‘People Loving People’
11. ‘Send ‘Em on Down the Road’
12. ‘Fish’
13. ‘You Wreck Me’
14. ‘Tacoma’