Apparently there's some friendly jealousy between Garth Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood over a song on Brooks' upcoming new album, 'Man Against Machine.' The songstress says he included a song that she loves so much, she wants it on her own record.

“It’s called ‘Tacoma,'" she told The Boot during 2014 CMA Awards week. "It should be mine.

"It’s one of those things where, usually when another artist records a song, you’re like, ‘OK, it’s over,’ but even if that’s a single, if that’s a big hit for him, I’m still going to record that song one day," Yearwood says. "It’s my song."

Brooks made 'Tacoma' the record's last tune -- the space usually reserved for the song he loves the most.

"I think it’s just to add insult to injury," Yearwood jokes. "He knows how much I love it! ... We’re not fighting over it, but I really do love that song, and I would love to record it myself some day."

With two country singers living under one roof, and sharing a world tour, it might seem like their lives revolve around music, but the Georgia native insists they manage to keep their personal lives separate from their careers.

“Well, I mean, I live with the most successful artist in music," Yearwood says with a laugh, "but we try really hard to keep the things about the music business, our conversations, separate from our lives all the time. So we try the rule of, if you don’t want my advice, don’t ask for it … but I do, I do run things up the flagpole with him because he’s so smart, and he has great ideas, and he’ll think of something that I never thought of."

Yearwood's own 'PrizeFighter: Hit After Hit' will be released on Nov. 17. The album includes 10 of her previous singles, along with six new songs, including the title track. It's her first offering of new music since 2007's 'Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love,' but she says she never intended to take that long of a break between records.

"You don’t finish an album and then go, ‘OK, now I’m going to wait seven years before I do another one,'" she maintains. "I did that album, and I was living in Oklahoma, it was hard to do, I did a little bit of a tour around it, but we were really in the middle of raising our girls, and I just realized it was hard to do."

Not that the 50-year-old was spending her time being idle. In addition to helping raise Brooks' three daughters, Yearwood started her cooking career, releasing three cookbooks and hosting her award-winning cooking show, 'Trisha's Southern Kitchen,' on the Food Network.

"I would try to do it all, but it was hard in that moment to do it all, so I made a conscious effort just to be home, and that’s when the whole cookbook career thing was born, because it was something I could do at home, never dreaming it would become the second career, and then it is a full-time job," she explains. "So it’s been really time-consuming, in a good way, but music kind of got on the back burner. But now I said, ‘I gotta go make a record.’"

Pre-order 'Man Against Machine' here, and 'PrizeFighter' here.

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