Garth Brooks promised his fans he was going to make his music available digitally at a very affordable price, and he wasn't kidding. The superstar has announced a newly founded service, GhostTunes, where all of his music -- past and future -- will be available for one extraordinary package price.

Brooks revealed the new service in a press release Thursday (Sept. 4), just months after announcing that he would finally make his music available digitally. He founded the new service after he was unable to strike a viable deal with any existing digital services.

"When I decided it was time to ‘go digital,’ I didn’t find an existing way that really fit how I wanted to do it,” Brooks says. “I shared my dream with some amazing minds and together have created something really special -- GhostTunes. This is a site that treats music with the utmost respect, where our job every day is to offer music the way the artists want to share it to the listeners who live for and love it. That’s a job I hope I can do every day.”

The new site is launching with the digital debut of Brooks' complete back catalog -- an all-inclusive bundle of his existing music and videos -- as well as a pre-order of his much-anticipated 2014 album and newly announced 2015 album, once available, for "one crazy low price" of $29.99.

GhostTunes is a full-service music store that gives fans the freedom to listen to the music they purchase on the platform and device of their choice and offers artists a new way to sell their music any way they want to. The service lets fans listen to their music from their personal “locker” immediately upon purchase, without having to download the content to their device. But fans also can download their purchased content to play with the audio player of their choice on a phone, tablet or computer. Artists can choose to sell full albums, singles only or any combination they prefer.

GhostTunes' initial offering is a mega bundle, including all eight of Brooks' studio albums, digitally updated; the new 'Double Live' 25th Anniversary Edition, featuring 30 songs along with 30 videos; an instant download of the new single, 'People Loving People;' and a bonus track, 'Send ‘Em On Down The Road.' Other songs from Garth’s upcoming albums will automatically arrive in users' GhostTunes lockers as they become available, prior to the arrival of the complete digital albums in November and in 2015.

“Anyone familiar with the music industry knows the passion Garth has for bridging the wants and needs of artists and fans -- something that the entire team has used as a guiding principle in the creation of GhostTunes,” says GhostTunes CEO Randy Bernard. “Today is a great day for fans of music and those that create it, and just wait until you see what we have planed next -- you won’t have to wait long.”

Visit GhostTunes here.

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