Faith Hill, country-pop superstar, mother of three and wife of Tim McGraw, keeps herself busy with projects both musical and non-musical, but with all of the things she's done -- singing, acting, launching not one but two perfume fragrances, etc., the global superstar really wants to get her hands dirty -- and in the process, hopes to teach her daughters something to help them "grow."

"There are many things I want to do in my life," Faith tells California's Stockton Record newspaper. "I'd like to grow a vegetable garden. My parents have had a garden my entire life. I want to pass that experience/knowledge on to my kids."

Faith also reveals that she's cultivating material for a new studio album, and even penning a few songs. "I haven't written in a very long time, and I'm really enjoying it. I've been working with some amazing writers."

She also talks about the motivation for the Nashville Rising concert she and Tim helped organize to aids victims of the flood that ravaged Music City in May.

"This happened right here in our backyard," says the Mississippi native who now resides in Nashville. "The flooding affected everyone in some way. All the artists involved were so gracious to donate their time. It really was a great night. I'm very proud to call Nashville home."

Faith is also proud to call country music her home, saying, "Country music is strong right now. Artists are selling records and having massive radio success. The times are hard for so many people right now. There has been so much hardship in our country and abroad. Families have lost loved ones, people are losing jobs and homes. Country music speaks the truth about these issues."

Asked to name her current favorites, Faith cites Miranda Lambert and the Zac Brown Band, declaring, "Miranda is an honest singer with a spitfire attitude [and] the Zac Brown Band can just play the hell out of a song. Incredible."

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