Eric Paslay is getting ready to release his sophomore album, and although its exact release date has not yet been announced, fans can now get a look at the project's track listing.

Dressed in Black features 12 songs, all co-written by the singer-songwriter. Among the tunes is the record's first single, "High Class," as well as "Takin' My Heartbeat Higher." Paslay co-wrote the latter track with Sarah Buxton and Zach Crowell and while on tour with Little Big Town, was performing it as a duet with Karen Fairchild.

“I’m grateful that we are getting to celebrate some life in another album," Paslay shares in a press release. "I always strive for, as an artist and musician, something that lasts. Not just popular now. It’s not just something on a page, but it somehow finds you in a restaurant or on a dance floor or in your car alone that makes you go, ‘What is that?’"

A complete track listing for Dressed in Black is available below.

Produced by Marshall Altman, Dressed in Black follows Paslay's self-titled freshman album, which features "Friday Night," "Song About a Girl," and "She Don't Love You (She's Just Lonely)." The latter tune is nominated for Song of the Year at the 2016 ACM Awards.

Eric Paslay, Dressed in Black Track Listing:

1. “Angels in This Town” (Eric Paslay, Corey Crowder, Erik Dylan)
2. “All or Nothin’” (Eric Paslay, Skip Black, Matt Nolen)
3. “Takin’ My Heartbeat Higher” (Eric Paslay, Sarah Buxton, Zach Crowell)
4. “High Class” (Eric Paslay, Corey Crowder, Jesse Frasure)
5. “Dressed in Black” (Eric Paslay, Ross Copperman, Jaren Johnston)
6. “Let You in My Heart” (Eric Paslay, Dylan Altman)
7. “Pretty Girl Fly” (Eric Paslay, Ross Copperman, Jon Nite)
8. “Backstage Pass” (Eric Paslay, Jessi Alexander, Liz Rose)
9. “Fall Apart” (Eric Paslay, Natalie Hemby)
10. “Water Into Wine” (Eric Paslay, Tom Shapiro, Neil Thrasher)
11. “Sun” (Eric Paslay, Nathan Chapman)
12. “Wild and Young” (Eric Paslay, Chris Wallin)

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