The Boot has rounded up the latest music videos from country artists. Read on to get caught up!

RaeLynn, “Queens Don’t”

RaeLynn's "Queens Don't" is her newest single, and she calls it an "empowerment anthem” and "incredibly timely" (ET). The country singer says, “A ‘queen’ is any person who knows that they are royalty from the inside out regardless of where they came from. I wanted all my incredible friends and fans to remember that their self-worth shouldn’t be based on material things or other’s opinions, but rather the beauty and strength of your spirit. I hope this song inspires everyone who hears it – guy or girl, young or old –  to be a queen and to never settle for people in your life that don’t see your true incredible worth.”

From the song's message to what she describes as the music video's "predominantly female-driven set," it offers inspiration to every listener. The video gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at a photo shoot featuring Raelynn, and it parallels her current YouTube series "RaeLynn In Real Life." “This video depicts where I am in my life and I love that I got to show my fans an intimate side of my career,” shares RaeLynn. -- CV

Tyler Rich, “The Difference”

When you watch Tyler Rich's new music video for "The Difference," you're not watching actors; it features him and his fiancée Sabina Gadeck (as well as their dogs Abby and Charlie) hanging out in their home base of Nashville.

It makes sense the Mason Dixon-directed video is so personal: Rich immediately resonated with "The Difference" when he heard it for the first time. “The phrases are so reflective of the relationship that I have with my fiancée,” expresses the singer. “Soon after meeting her I knew she was the one. I would text her and say ‘love ya’ and she would respond with ‘you mean I love you?’ To me it was the same thing, but now I know better!”” (One of the song's lyrics: "And there's a difference in 'Love ya' and 'I love you' / And I wanna be the difference, yeah I do.") -- CV

Jenny Tolman, “Something to Complain About”

Jenny Tolman's "Something to Complain About" exclusively premiered on The Boot in January. Now, she's revealing its accompanying music video, shot at a $25 million mansion in Ocean Ridge, Fla.

The song was inspired in part by a teacher Tolman had in high school who was trying to conceive and wished she had "something like [difficult children] to complain about." The singer recalled that anecdote to video director Seth Zaluski, and he, along with Andrew Colton. created a fictional version of the story. Tolman's sister stars as the teacher in the video, and the amazing house is a property being sold by her sister and brother-in-law. Stay tuned for the happy ending in the video! -- CV

Lit, "Good Problem to Have"

Rock band Lit has released a new video for their single "Good Problem to Have" off their country-infused album These Are the Days. Directed by Justin Nolan Key, the video was filmed at Four Aces Movie Ranch, outside of Los Angeles. The band drew on the talent of friends to make the gritty, throwback style video that follows a young couple as they deal with a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. The video opens with Lit's pop hit "My Own Worst Enemy" playing almost indiscernibly in the background of a dingy diner.

“A friend of ours in Vegas has an awesome photography company called Filthy Mouth Creative. All of her stuff has this sexy, vintage desert vibe. Cheap motel colors and expired film or Polaroid textures,” Lit's lead guitarist, Jeremy Popoff says in a press release. “We wanted the video to feel like that. When we described it to Justin, he was like, ‘That’s exactly what I was thinking!’” The production team pulled it off, and the video ends with, once again, the band's 1999 hit song playing in the background of a sketchy hotel lobby, as the couple makes the most of their car troubles. -- LS

Eric Paslay, "Young Forever"

Eric Paslay has released the lyric video for his latest single "Young Forever." The video fades in and out of sunwashed footage of concert performances and memory making moments with friends and family, as Paslay's lyrics are painted across the images. The mid-tempo song is upbeat and laid back, and the sunny hues of the video give it a summertime feel-good vibe that makes us all want to be "Young Forever." -- LS

Lucas Hoge, "Power of Garth"

Lucas Hoge takes us back in time with his sentimental tribute to Garth Brooks in the lyric video for his latest song, "Power of Garth." References to some of Brooks' biggest hits, and borrowed lyrics from iconic songs, come together for a reminiscent look at the past.

I have been really looking forward to getting this song out to radio, its been great seeing the reactions of the people that relate to it," Hoge says in a press release. "Music is supposed to make you feel all kinds of emotions and hopefully transport you back into those moments in time that you felt a certain way and I hope this song does just that for everyone who’s hears it, cause it does that for me every time I get to sing it.” -- LS

Jimmie Allen, "Best Shot"

Jimmie Allen's smooth, emotional voice is set to the backdrop of a feel-good summer scene in the lyric video for his latest single "Best Shot," which follows Allen as he pays a visit back to his hometown. The song, which is Allen's debut single, was inspired by his  grandmother, who appears in the video along with other family members, former teachers and friends. Allen even makes a couple shots of his own on the basketball court.

“It was inspired by advice that my grandmother always gave about women and how they just want to know that we care and that we’re trying — her words always stuck with me,” Allen says in a press release. “At the end of the day, I just want to make my grandmother proud. She was my everything.” -- LS

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