Eric Church's two solo shows at Colorado's Red Rocks Amphitheater in August are great news for fans -- but not when scalpers get ahold of tickets. That's why the country star is actively fighting against ticket scalpers, and he's sending a loud and clear message to them.

When Church and his team were reviewing ticket orders for Red Rocks, they discovered that 2,700 tickets were purchased by known scalpers, with more than 750 bought through a Texas-based scalper ring. The purchases were immediately canceled.

"I have never seen more relentless, nefarious and frankly disgusting efforts to defraud the fans and the general public," Church explains in a press release. "Six words for you thugs: You Will Not Win. I Will."

Fielding Logan at Q Prime South has long been involved with Church's fight against scalpers, and he adds, "On an ongoing basis, our team will continue to examine ticket orders and cancel tickets purchased by scalpers."

To Church, Red Rocks is much more than just another venue.

"I get asked all the time about my favorite venue, and I always answer the same way. Red Rocks," he admits. "When people ask why, I just smile and say, 'You must not have been there.' It's truly breathtaking."

Church's efforts against scalpers have been ongoing for quite some time. He's previously exposed them in a TV investigation, called them "slimy" and says, "Scalpers p--s me off." In 2014, Church ensured that the best tickets for his shows were sold paperless so that true fans would be able to obtain them.

The "Record Year" singer is currently nominated for six ACM Awards, including Entertainer of the Year.

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