Eric Church's newest single is the type of song that a country music fan would listen to after a relationship flops; it's also a reminder that, even in dead ends, there's often resurrection.

In "Record Year," Church sings about a woman leaving him. "Since you turned the tables on me / I've been steady and learnin' lonely," the artist laments -- but his medicine of choice isn't another woman; it's his record player. The song is rich with parallels and name-checks, as Church sings that he's "Keepin' this turntable spinnin' / Everything from Jones to Jennings / Slowly plannin' my survival / In a three-foot stack of vinyl." The country star is known for smart lyrics, and "Record Year" is no exception: "I usually make it through Side A sober / All bets are off when I flip her over / One bourbon, one scotch, one beer / I'm havin' a record year."

Church is a fighter when his turntable gets going: Instead of sitting in silence and turning "this house into a jail," he's "having a record year." Though his romantic relationship is now dead, Church sings of a relationship revived -- one with the Red Headed Stranger, James Brown and New Grass Revival. There's another part of him -- one that's been tucked away and forgotten -- that is beginning to come alive once again.

"Record Year" comes from Mr. Misunderstood, Church's surprise album, which he revealed at the 2015 CMA Awards. The singer's fan club, the Church Choir, began receiving the record in the mail before the CMAs -- an unconventional way for Church to show his fans that they matter most.

Mr. Misunderstood is available for purchase through Church’s store and on iTunes.

Listen to Eric Church, "Record Year":

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