Members of Eric Church's fan club, the Church Choir, have been receiving a special surprise in the mail: a 10-track album of unreleased songs.

Dubbed Mr. Misunderstood, the release begins with a song of the same name and ends with "Three Year Old." Church unveiled the latter tune, inspired by his son Boone McCoy, at an acoustic show at Nashville's Ascend Amphitheater in late July.

“He loves to go fishing. It’s his favorite thing in the world, and it’s the greatest joy in life to take him fishing,” Church shared at the show. “But, first time we went — first time — I gave him one of those Zebco rods, I showed him how to throw it out there, I bait it up, got a little bobber on. He threw it out, he reeled it in, and as I was reaching down to grab it to re-throw it, he just stuck the whole damn rod in the water. And, as I went to get the rod, he threw the tackle box in there. And I’m 38 years old, and I did not know a fishing pole sank faster than a tackle box.

“I also did not know that if you hide truck keys in a garbage can, it’s a damn good place to hide ’em,” Church added.

All of the 10 tracks on Mr. Misunderstood are fully produced, though nothing is as heavy as the songs on Church's last release, The Outsiders. A complete track listing is below.

A YouTube user who goes by "Jon Boy" and is a member of the Church Choir provided The Boot with both uploads of the songs and a photo of the vinyl version of the album; press play on the video below to listen to Mr. Misunderstood's title track. According to other Church Choir members, CD and digital copies of the project have also been distributed.

According to a note distributed to media members at the 2015 CMA Awards, Church unexpectedly found himself making Mr. Misunderstood during the last few months.

“I wrote my first song [for Mr. Misunderstood] late this summer. Twenty days later, I had 18 songs. Twenty days following that, I had 10 recorded. That was 30 days ago,” Church writes. “It always takes me time to look for inspiration to make a new album. This time, inspiration found me. Together, we found Mr. Misunderstood. Today, it’s yours.”

Mr. Misunderstood is now available for purchase through Church’s store and on iTunes.

Eric Church, Mr. Misunderstood Track Listing:

1. "Mr. Misunderstood"
2. "Mistress Named Music"
3. "Chattanooga Lucy"
4. "Mixed Drinks About Feelings"
5. "Knives of New Orleans"
6. "Round Here Buzz"
7. "Kill a Word"
8. "Holdin' My Own"
9. "Record Year"
10. "Three Year Old"

Listen to Eric Church, "Mr. Misunderstood":

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