Eric Church opened Nashville's new Ascend Amphitheater on Thursday night (July 30) with an acoustic show, but getting to see the "Like a Wrecking Ball" singer in that special setting was only one of the thrills for the evening's audience. During the concert, Church debuted a new tune, inspired by his son Boone McCoy.

The sweet song features lines like, "You can be a cowboy on the moon / Or dig to China with a spoon / Talk to Jesus on the phone / Say 'I love you' all day long / But when you're wrong, you should just say so / I learned that from a 3-year-old," as well lyrics inspired by funny, real-life moments with Church's oldest son. (Church and his wife Katherine welcomed their second son, Tennessee Hawkins, into their family in February.)

"He loves to go fishing. It's his favorite thing in the world, and it's the greatest joy in life to take him fishing," Church shared with his Music City audience. "But, first time we went -- first time -- I gave him one of those Zebco rods, I showed him how to throw it out there, I bait it up, got a little bobber on. He threw it out, he reeled it in, and as I was reaching down to grab it to re-throw it, he just stuck the whole damn rod in the water. And, as I went to get the rod, he threw the tackle box in there. And I'm 38 years old, and I did not know a fishing pole sank faster than a tackle box.

"I also did not know that if you hide truck keys in a garbage can, it's a damn good place to hide 'em," Church added, to cheers from the audience. Both of these stories are mentioned in the lyrics to "3 Year Old."

The singer-songwriter has another acoustic Ascend Amphitheater show scheduled for Friday night (July 31). In the past, Church opened two of George Strait's farewell The Cowboy Rides Away Tour shows acoustically, and he played an acoustic show in Salt Lake City, Utah, when his band and crew got sick. He says such concerts are nervewracking, but fun.

"I walked out there in the round, 20,000 George Strait fans, and had no clue what I was going to do, and I was scared to death. It was the first time in a long time I’ve been scared to death on stage, and I loved it. It’s that feeling that you don’t get every night, and I think it made for a really special show," Church explains. "And then Salt Lake happened — and again, it was just one of those times it was a magical night, I could never duplicate that — but somewhere during that show, I just found myself having a lot of fun."

Church's Nashville fans will get another treat this fall: The country star will be the subject of a Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum exhibit, opening in mid-September.

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