Dylan Scott drives straight to the heart of the matter with his new single, “New Truck.” Soulful vocals deliver a real hurt that you can almost feel, while simultaneously keeping energy levels high.

At first, it sounds like a good-time song: The guitars, the steel, the beat — and you’re in, and ready to roll. It’s a toe-tapping, fast-driving, windows-down vibe ... until you listen to the story in the lyrics. Masterfully crafted by hitmakers Hardy, Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson and Hunter Phelps, the character in the story acknowledges that there’s nothing wrong with his current truck — except for the fact that the girl he loves is not in it anymore.

“The first time I heard "New Truck," it sounded different than anything else I was listening to,” shares Scott in a press release. “We’ve all been in a situation where you and your significant other have broken up, and it’s tough. Every time you get back in your truck, you go back to certain memories of them in there as well. So this song is saying, ‘Man, I need a new truck to quit thinking about her.’”

With locked-in production by Will Weatherly, Matt Alderman, Curt Gibbs and Jim Ed Norman, the song is set up to follow Scott's pattern of success. His last single, "Nobody," is the singer's latest No. 1 single.

In a music video which was simultaneously released, Scott follows through on the song’s claim that he just can’t drive the truck anymore. After packing her things in the back and seeing her ghost in the seat, on the hood and in the mirrors, the explosive music video shows the singer walking away from a truck on fire.

Scott won an award for his last music video, taking home the 2021 CMT Music Award for Breakthrough Video of the Year. The fan-voted award-winning clip featured Scott at the piano and watching home videos with his wife Blair.

Scott is currently supporting Luke Bryan on his Proud to Be Right Here tour. He will also headline his third annual Bayou Stock Festival on Oct. 23 in his home state of Louisiana.

Dylan Scott's “New Truck” Lyrics:

I need a new truck / There ain't nothing wrong with mine / It's got 40-something thousand miles / And the engine runs just fine / No, it ain't tore up / Ain't got a scratch, ain't got a dent / The radio the works, it don't show dirt / Worth every dime I spent ...

I was gonna drive it / 'Til the wheels fell off / Yeah, that was before she slammed the door / Said, "It's over," then got lost ...


I need one she ain't climbed up in / That ain't played her favorite songs / Need some glass that we ain't fogged up / That her bare feet ain't been on / I need a hood that we ain't laid on kissing 'til that sun came up / That's all that's wrong with this one, if you're looking, you're in luck / I need a new truck ...

Yeah, I need it right now / Not tomorrow, not next week / Can't take another red light / With her memory over in that seat / If I find one more / Hair tie that slipped off her wrist / One more Chapstick, one more picture / I might push it off a bridge ...

Repeat Chorus

Nah, I didn't wreck it / But it might as well be / Sitting on blocks in some old shop / The way that girl wrecked me ...

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, I need a new truck / Yeah, I need a new truck ...

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