Dylan Scott has released a new single, along with the official music video, and we're "Hooked." Readers can press play below to watch the the video of Scott playing to a pumped-up live audience; the video was recorded at a concert in Charlotte, N.C.

"It was a Friday night / No cover, but the cover band was sounding right / But there you were / Just flirty dancing / By the neon sign / To "Fishin' in the Dark," Scott sings in "Hooked." The lyrics, written by Seth Ennis, Morgan Evans and Lindsay Rimes, ring true as a country tribute to falling fast and hard into love.

"I was hooked on / The way that you taking / Taking my shirt off / And running my fingers / Through your long blonde / Hair falling in your eyes / Like the first time they caught mine / All it took was a look, and I was hooked," Scott sings the chorus to a screaming crowd of fans who are clearly hooked on the up-and-coming country heartthrob.

"Hooked" will hit radios on Aug. 28, but is available for download now at iTunes and Amazon. Scott is currently on tour as he and his wife Blair look forward to the arrival of their first child, which they recently announced will be a boy.

Watch Dylan Scott's "Hooked" Music Video

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