If you want a sucker-punch, tear-jerking ballad with bourbon-steeped vocals, traditionalist roots and modern appeal, you call Chris Stapleton, and that's exactly what Dwight Yoakam has done for the first of his newest pair of songs, "Then Here Came Monday" and "Pretty Horses."

"Then Here Came Monday," a neo-classic country ballad that capitalizes on the country star's gravelly, expressive voice, tells the story of a heartbreak that just keeps on hurting, even after giving you hope that maybe, after the weekend, it'll feel better. Readers can press play above to listen to the slow, sad honky-tonk tune.

"Thursday came and went without a reason / But that's the kind of thing that Thursdays will often do / Went to bed knowing better / Then woke up believing / That I only had Friday to get through," the first verse opens, leading into a mournful recounting of the rest of the weekend.

"Then here came Monday / And I remembered how bad hurt could feel / The pain goes on and on if it's really real / Then here came Monday / I remembered where it all went wrong / It looked like I was doing fine until Monday came along," the chorus bemoans, as if a brand-new week triggers a brand-new onslaught of heartbreak and loneliness, too.

"Then Here Came Monday" and "Pretty Horses" both premiered exclusively on Rolling StoneLike "Monday," "Pretty Horses" relies on the forlorn twangs of traditional classic country, albeit placing more focus on the acoustic guitar line and more wistful, dreamy vocal harmonies.

Readers can press play below to listen to "Pretty Horses," which Yoakam released along with "Then Here Came Monday" ahead of his LSD tour with Lucinda Williams and Steve Earle, which kicks off June 12 in Boston, Mass.

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