Stuck at home, like everyone else, during the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Drive-By Truckers have channeled their frustrations with the current state of life in the United States into a brand-new, and surprise, album. The New OK is due out on Friday (Oct. 2).

The Truckers' 13th studio album, The New OK, follows January's The Unraveling, and was largely culled from the 18 songs recorded during the sessions, at Memphis' Sun Studios in Fall 2018, for that project. Two of the new record's nine songs, however, were written by Truckers co-founder Patterson Hood over the summer: "Watching the Orange Clouds" and the title track arrived in June and July, respectively, according to Rolling Stone.

A Ramones cover ("The KKK Took My Baby Away") concludes The New OK; Drive-By Truckers fans will recognize "The Perilous Night," which the band originally dropped on Election Day 2017. On two songs, bassist Matt Patton sings lead -- the first time in nearly a decade that someone other than Hood or fellow DBT co-founder Mike Cooley has done so.

"[The New OK] is almost more defiant anger than deep-down, depressed sadness," Hood reflects, later adding, "I’m refusing to give into pessimism right now, but I wish I had an easier time being optimistic."

"I’m really running out of optimism, honestly. I never had much to begin with," counters Cooley. "I’m not a [glass] half-full or half-empty guy, I’m just a half, because it’s a measurable amount. It’s not a matter of f--king opinion.”

The Drive-By Truckers only began discussing releasing The New OK in early August. They recorded Hood's two new songs remotely: drummer Brad Morgan played over Hood's demos, Hood then recorded his guitarwork, and finally, Cooley, Patton and multi-instrumentalist Jay Gonzalez finished them off.

The New OK is available for pre-order and pre-save on various platforms now; physical copies of the record will arrive on Dec. 18. See album art and the full tracklist below.

The Drive-By Truckers, The New OK Tracklist:

1. "The New OK"
2. "Tough to Let Go"
3. "The Unraveling"
4. "The Perilous Night"
5. "Sarah’s Flame"
6. "Sea Island Lonely"
7. "The Distance"
8. "Watching the Orange Clouds"
9. "The KKK Took My Baby Away"

Drive By Truckers The New OK
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