Darius Rucker's new single, "My Masterpiece," reflects on the art and importance of love. The country star released the track on Friday (March 12), and fans will begin hearing it on the radio later this month.

Rucker knows he'll never do anything quite as grand as walking on the moon or painting a work of art such as the Sistine Chapel; heck, he "can't play piano like Ray Charles," even, he admits. But, he's pretty devoted to one thing.

"Baby, when my life is through / I hope they say my masterpiece is loving you," he professes in each chorus.

Sonically, the Ross Copperman-produced song is similar to much of Rucker's recent work, steadied by a clap track and built up with additional instrumentation at each chorus; listen closely and you'll hear Old Dominion's Brad Tursio on background vocals (he also plays electric guitar). Rucker co-wrote "My Masterpiece" with Copperman, Josh Osborne and JT Harding.

"My Masterpiece" is likely from a forthcoming new album from Rucker, though exact plans have not yet been announced. The song follows "Beers and Sunshine," a No. 1 single released in the summer of 2020.

Darius Rucker, "My Masterpiece" Lyrics:

I was born with a heart with a beat like a rolling stone / Never did I realize where I was supposed to belong / I never knew what I was meant to do / I never made sense to me 'til I made sense to you ...


I never had a silver spoon / I didn't grow up in a castle / I never walked on the moon / I'll never paint a Sistine Chapel / I can't play piano like Ray Charles / But, baby, when my life is through / I hope they say my masterpiece is loving you ...

Yeah, loving you, babe / Loving you, babe ...

Girl, I swear your hazel eyes are making me feel / Like Picasso never had that color in his wheel / If I wrote the song, your name would be Georgia / And you'd be on my mind / Like a starry night, our love would stand the test of time ...

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, loving you, baby / Loving you, darling ...

So get a little closer, baby / I wanna take my time, wanna take all night / So get a little closer darling / Gonna keep on working 'til I get it right ...

Repeat Chorus

Loving you, baby, yeah / Loving you, darling / Loving you, baby / Loving you / I hope they say it all the time now / Oh, baby, I'm loving you / Loving you, baby

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