Craig Wayne Boyd ended his time in Las Vegas on a high note. The Season 7 winner of The Voice shared a new song, "I'm Still Here," with the crowd on his final night (March 14) serving as the opening act at Rascal FlattsVegas Riot! residency.

"My last week being on that show, I wrote a song that really speaks about my whole journey up to that point," Boyd told the crowd. "If it's alright, this is brand new for me, and I'm going to share it with you guys tonight."

The tenacious singer says that he was inspired to write the song as he saw the number of contestants get smaller and smaller each week he remained on the competition.

"It’s funny, I was walking around the set as [the number of finalists] got smaller and smaller — it was down to five of us — and people would say, ‘Hey, it’s Craig Wayne Boyd!’ And I’d say, ‘Yep, I’m still here!’" he explains. "So I wrote a story of my musical journey up to this point.”

Chances are, the Texan may have been inspired to write a few more songs while in Sin City with the Flatts.

“When I got the call to do the Rascal Flatts show in Vegas, I was beside myself,” Boyd says, “because those guys had a song out when I first moved to Nashville, Tenn., and I believe I had it on repeat from the time I hit the Texas border, all the way to the Tennessee border.”

The song, "I'm Movin' On," helped Boyd through a difficult time in his life, which is why the time in Vegas meant so much to him.

“That was one of those songs that helped me get through a place that I was in in my life,” he adds, “and to now have those guys be the ones that are helping me catapult my career, when they were the ones that encouraged me to do it via their songs anyways, is pretty mind-blowing.”

Boyd's freshman album is expected to be released this year.

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