Country singers released a wide variety of new music this week, including songs about the wonderful -- and the stressful! -- parts of falling in love, as well as a poignant wish for political harmony and a fun-loving song about giving life everything you've got. Read on to hear the freshest new country songs of the week! 

Craig Wayne Boyd, "We Sweat":

Craig Wayne Boyd’s “We Sweat” is a working-man's anthem about putting in the hours to be able to enjoy some time off. But, Boyd sings, whether work or play, “Boy, if ain’t you sweatin, you ain't doing something right / Oh, you ain’t doing something right.” “We Sweat” comes from Boyd’s 2017 album, Top Shelf. The song was written by Josh Helms, Walker Hayes and Matt Willis.

Southern Halo, "I Think Too Much":

Southern Halo’s “I Think Too Much” is an uptempo tune about the dangers of overthinking it. Sisters Natalia, Hannah and Christina Morris sing, “What am I gonna wear? / How should I do my hair? / What am I gonna say?/ I hope he isn’t late / Dab a little perfume on / Don’t wanna come on strong / This is ridiculous / I’m thinking way too much,”in a catchy reminder to just go with the flow. “I Think Too Much” was written by Natalia Morris along with Roxie Dean; the song appears on Southern Halo’s current album, Just Like in the Movies.

Waterloo Revival, "Wonder Woman":

Although the title of Waterloo Revival's newest single, “Wonder Woman,” might bring forth images of superheros, the song is really about finding the partner of your dreams. The duo, comprised of Cody Cooper and George Birge, sing about finding the perfect woman. “It's a wonder, woman / Somebody set you free / It's like I walked right into a dream / Can't help but wonder, woman / If this is one of the nights / Where something wrong leads to something right?" they sing on the bouncy chorus. "So let's get it on out before they lock the door / Can we turn this night into something more? / Can't help but look into those eyes of yours / Oh, and wonder, woman, oh, oh, oh.” “Wonder Woman” will impact country radio on Oct. 15. The song was written by Birge, Cooper, Marv Green and Ryan Tyndell.

Jon Langston, "When it Comes to Loving You":

Jon Langston’s “When It Comes to Loving You” is a charming love song filled with some Southern twang. The track finds Langston recalling some of his life’s fondest memories, reflecting on how they all pale in comparison to the time spent with his love. “Love the thought of watching college football with my grandad / I love to hear the rain beating on the roof of an old red barn / I love the way Ray Charles sings about Georgia,” he sings. “But there ain't nothing like Sunday mornings / When you're lying in my arms.” Langston -- the first artist signed to Luke Bryan’s new label imprint with UMG Nashville, 32 Bridge Entertainment -- co-wrote “When It Comes to Loving You” with Dan Isbell. The song was produced by Jody Stevens.

The Lonely Heartstring Band, "The Other Side":

The Lonely Heartstring Band’s “The Other Side” is their first single off of their second album, which is expected to be released in the beginning of 2019. It’s song about politics, but it tries to spread understanding and empathy for those who hold opposing beliefs. George Clements, the group’s lead singer and guitarist, explains, “We were trying to capture the frustration we felt watching these two sides arguing for power, and how we lose our sense of unity when we polarize into right/left. It's about how we should try and focus on our common humanity instead of this crazy fight between different sides.” Although the thought of politics might bring you down, “The Other Side” is an upbeat tune with appealing riffs and plenty of (musical) harmony.

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