Baby number four will be a boy for Craig Wayne Boyd and his wife, Taylor, who are expecting the new addition in late 2019. The couple are already parents to two sons, Jaxon (7) and Graydon Scott (19 months), as well as one daughter, Dakota Lynn (3 and a half.) The couple made the announcement via People on Friday (Aug. 23), complete with an adorable, music-themed photoshoot that depicted Boyd and his family members on a stage, each playing a different instrument. A tiny, unclaimed mandolin rests in the corner, next to a sign that reads "New Boyd Band Member Coming Soon! #ItsABoy."

Music isn't the only thing the upcoming arrival has in common with his family: The new baby is due the same week that Boyd and his daughter share a birthday, on Dec. 31. The couple's youngest son's birthday falls just three days earlier, on Dec. 28.

"We are so excited about this little guy and the timing couldn't be more hilarious," Boyd tells People. "One big birthday party for all! The man upstairs sure does have a sense of humor."

The mom-to-be jokes that there must be something special about the month of April, when all those conceptions took place -- even suggesting that she and her husband could use some time apart during that month in the future. "If anyone has a place for Craig to rent the month of April, I'm looking to book him a reservation!" she says with a laugh.

The couple also adds that their three children already have lots of questions about the new addition to their family. People reports that Jaxon has been changing Graydon's diapers in preparation for the new baby. For her part, Dakota has more immediate concerns, wondering whether her mom's stomach has enough room for a kitchen inside it, so that her baby brother can eat.

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