Devin Dawson, Montgomery Gentry and Craig Wayne Boyd have all announced new singles in recent days. Read on to hear 'em!

Devin Dawson, “Asking for a Friend”

Devin Dawson's "Asking for a Friend" features a country drawl, lyrics about finding love (well, trying to rekindle it) at a bar and instruments with twang. “What do you say? / It's Friday night, and you're beautiful, so beautiful / What man wouldn't think you were the love of his life? / He'd be a fool, he'd be a fool,” Dawson sings. "I don't mean to ramble on like this / Hey, I'm just asking for a friend.” “Asking for a Friend” is going for radio adds on April 30.

Montgomery Gentry, “Get Down South”

Montgomery Gentry have shared another track, “Get Down South,” off of their album Here's to You; Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry completed the record mere days before Gentry died in a helicopter accident in September. Despite the somber circumstances that surround the disc, "Get Down South" is a country party song, in which the duo talks about the small-town pleasures of a roaring fire and cold drinks when there is nothing else to do: “That's how we get down South / When you're living in a real small town / And there ain't nothing else around going on / You wanna party, gotta make your own / Get down South if you've never let your redneck out / Or had moonshine in your mouth / You gotta get down, get down South.”

Craig Wayne Boyd, “Better Together”

Craig Wayne Boyd’s new single is a touching love song. Boyd wrote “Better Together” for his wife Taylor, and the emotion pours out as he explains how much she means to him and sings about how things didn't mean as much to him until he met the woman of his dreams. “Better together / I didn't even know what my heart was missing / Until I had the answer," Boyd sings. "I didn't know the question / Until you opened up my eyes to a world I couldn't see / Until you pulled back the covers on the best in me." “Better Together” will hit radios on April 11; the song is from Boyd’s newest album, Top Shelf.

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