Craig Campbell has released new music for the first time in nearly two years, following up on his 2016 single, "Outskirts of Heaven." While that song looks towards the afterlife, and imagines an idyllic version of heaven, Campbell's latest release is very much focused on life here on earth -- specifically, the pleasure in reveling in a little bit of sin. Readers can press play above to check out the new track, "See You Try," along with its accompanying lyric video.

The song describes a night out with the boys that gets interrupted by some attention from a pretty girl. "Girl, I ain't ever had nobody talk me into leaving / When I'm hangin' at my spot and all my boys are drinkin'," Campbell sings -- but this particular woman might make him an offer he can't refuse. "Pullin' me out on the dance floor / Talkin' me into walking' out of that back door / End of the song, takin' you home / Gettin' it on."

The song is personal for Campbell: Its subject is his wife of over 12 years.

"When I'm doing my thing with my friends and she's ready to leave, I love for her to try to convince me," the country singer explains in a press release. "Like, 'Hey, it's time to go. And if you go with me right now, then this is gonna happen.' Even though we've been married for a little while now, I still get excited when she does those things."

With songs like "Family Man," "Outta My Head" and "Keep Them Kisses Coming" under his belt, Campbell continues to showcase his range as a performer. He is currently at work on his third studio album, his first project with Red Bow Records. He also toured with Luke Bryan on the Huntin', Fishin' and Lovin' Every Day Tour in 2017.

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