Craig Campbell's latest single, 'Outta My Head' is clearly staying in plenty of people's heads. The song has been on the charts an astonishing 52 weeks, with no signs of slowing down.

While Campbell is undoubtedly thrilled with the tenacity of the tune, one of the song's writers, Brandon Kinney, might have mixed feelings about the single's success. Kinney made a vow when the song hit the charts a year ago that he would keep growing his beard until it fell off of the charts, but he certainly didn't expect to have to wait more than a year before reaching for the trimmers.

While Campbell couldn't have predicted the song's lengthy stay on the charts, he says he knew early on it would be a success. “The first time I heard this song I knew it was a big ole hit,” the Georgia native tells The Boot. “I listened to it once and I was singing the lyrics, ‘YEAH! YEAH!’ all day long. It’s so true! Everyone has that someone they can’t forget.”

'Outta My Head' is still climbing, landing at No. 15 this week. The song is from Campbell's sophomore album, 'Never Regret,' which was released in December of 2012. Listen to the single here.

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