It's hard to miss the fact that Chase Bryant has a unique guitar-playing style -- he strums his instrument upside down! The singer says that even though he knows it's not the correct way to play, he's been doing it since he was young ... and it seems to be working for him so far.

“[It started] probably just because somebody told me I couldn’t do it,” Bryant tells Taste of Country. “Therefore, I always had to do it that way. I wasn’t gonna let anybody tell me no. It’s just the way I picked it up, and I picked it up the wrong way. You do a lot of things wrong in life, and sometimes what’s wrong ends up being right. That’s just kind of how it always happened for me.”

Bryant released his latest single, "Little Bit of You," earlier this year. He co-wrote the track with Derek George and Ashley Gorley, for his self-titled debut EP, and he says that the inspiration for the song was a little different than people may think.

“It wasn’t a ‘hookup’ song, as some people have called it,” he says. “It was more needing that person or wanting that person so bad you can hardly stand it, and you’ll do anything you can to get there. I think it’s to put the car in drive and hit the gas and go fast as you can and do anything you gotta do to get there, or do anything to have her in your arms. That’s kind of what that was based around.”

The up-and-coming singer is currently on the road with Billy Currington and Tim McGraw on McGraw's 2015 Shotgun Rider Tour. Dates are scheduled through Sept. 19 -- including a stop at this weekend's (June 12-14) 2015 Taste of Country Music Festival in New York State -- and Bryant hopes to learn a lot from the country superstar while they're on the road.

“Tim is such a legend. Tim is a genius, he really is,” he says. “When you look at his career — his songs were great, he was a guy’s guy and a ladies' man. That’s what everybody wants to be. I think you go out in hopes to learn, ‘What avenue am I taking to get to this point one day?’ I think the big thing is just to watch and stare at his craft and understand how Tim became such an iconic figure in this industry.”

"Little Bit of You" is available for download via iTunes and Amazon. See a full list of Bryant's upcoming shows at

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