Charlie Worsham sings a story plenty of musicians will relate to in his new song "Fist Through This Town." The new track harnesses the frustrations that come with working in music, and an accompanying music video offers a look at Worsham's own career trajectory.

Worsham co-wrote "Fist Through This Town" with Jeremy Spillman and Travis Meadows. In a press release, he recounts how the song "fell onto the page late one solitary night in a little house I used to rent on Lillian Street ... fueled by whiskey and a season of frustration, watched over by a painting of George Jones hanging on the wall, illuminated by the glow of hand-me-down lamps."

"I think we all go through those times when it feels like the world is against us, and that’s especially true for anyone who dares to chase down their dream," Worsham reflects. True, "Fist Through This Town" could apply to anyone facing a hurdle in their career or personal life, but for Worsham, the song, he says, "was the first time I got that honest with myself about my anger."

"My hope is that this song can be rocket fuel for everyone else out there struggling to will a dream into existence," Worsham adds.

Directed by Sam Siske and filmed at Twin Kegs II in Nashville, Worsham's "Fist Through This Town" music video brough Worsham back to a time in his career that involved "a lot of late nights and ... a lot of gigs where every song ended to a smattering of applause," he tells CMT.

"I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I was on my way but in a rough patch of that chapter," Worsham continues. "We brought the song to life not just by highlighting what my journey has looked like, but by highlighting what we imagined to be other people’s stories. And we wanted to show how, through live music, we can come together and see what we have in common."

"Fist Through This Town" follows Worsham's 2017 album Beginning of Things. He's not been idle in the years since releasing his sophomore project, though -- far from it; rather, Worsham has been performing as part of Old Crow Medicine Show, and frequently collaborates with everyone from Marty Stuart to Carrie Underwood.

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