Carrie Underwood is proud of her latest album, Blown Away ... she just doesn't want to listen to it anymore! The project debuted at the top of the charts and perched there for five consecutive weeks. While critics and fans alike contend the 14-song CD is her best collection of tunes yet, the Oklahoma native says it's no longer on her playlist.

"In the beginning, when you make the album, you just want to make sure everything's perfect," the 29-year-old superstar tells Australia's "The Morning Show." "So I do listen to it quite a bit in the beginning, and then after that, it's like, 'I don't want to hear myself anymore.' It's weird."

Carrie feels the album, which covers a lot of ground both lyrically and sonically, solidifies her musical identity. "Everybody occupies their own space right now, and that's really cool," she notes. "You have people like Keith Urban (with) more rock influence, a lot of guitar, more musicianship. You have people that are more on the pop contemporary side. You have really traditional country artists, and I feel like I'm somewhere in the middle of all of that. I want to make country music that everybody can like."

Still, the former "American Idol" winner, who wrapped up her Australian tour earlier this week, admits there is a downside to her ongoing success. "I don't get to see my dad too much or go home as much as I used to," she concedes. "That's probably the hardest part. There's so many wonderful things about my life now. Everything is different. My life has done a complete turnabout."

The "Good Girl" singer will hopefully get to spend some time with her family this summer, which includes her husband, professional hockey player Mike Fisher, before she kicks off the North American leg of her Blown Away tour in September. See a complete list of cities and dates on the trek here.

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