A 12-year-old named Chase is officially the coolest kid in his class. On Saturday night (Sept. 22), Carrie Underwood set this preteen's standards pretty high when she gave him his very first kiss on stage at her Louisville, Ky., Blown away tour stop. Watch what the blond beauty declared "the only time that's going to happen" in the video player below.

"He's got the jump on me; I was 14 when I had my very first kiss," Carrie told the audience before the liplock, before warning Chase, "Just so you know, my husband [hockey player Mike Fisher] is somewhere in the building ... so he may be looking for you later."

Chase got a big cheer, though, after the 29-year-old superstar asked how they were going to go about the business at hand. "Lip to lip," he answered.

"This is the smartest kid ever!" the songstress responded.

Carrie's Blown Away tour continues Wednesday (Sept. 26) in Green Bay, Wisconsin. See her full tour schedule here ... and be sure to bring breath mints to the show!

Watch Chase Get His First Kiss From Carrie

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