Google "Carrie Underwood" and more than 64 million pages appear -- and the country music superstar isn't interested in reading any of them.

"I definitely do not Google myself, ever. That's a really bad idea," Carrie insists (quote via the Country Vibe). In addition to the multiple stories about her award-winning career, the singer realizes there's also plenty of false information in cyberspace, which can be difficult to avoid.

"Somebody else will say something to me or I'm just flipping through a magazine that I'm like, 'What? What is this about? We went on a romantic ... what? What did we do?' It's never intentional. It's always brought to my attention or somebody else will tell me."

The CMA award nominee for Female Vocalist of the Year may be able to avoid Internet gossip, but she has a hard time convincing some of her family to do the same.

"My mom does that and I'm like, 'Mama, you're gonna have to stop telling me this stuff because some of it does make me mad. You need to quit reading it yourself.'" More importantly, she adds, "Don't ever read comments below anything, ever!'"

The songstress, whose latest album, Blown Away, recently reached platinum sales status, says the three-year gap between 2009's Play On and the new album was well worth the wait.

"I obviously took longer to make it," she tells The Boot. "We discovered that when I was writing the best stuff always came at the beginning. I have no attention span. I get bored so fast. If it's a beautiful day outside and I'm stuck in some room thinking, it's not that I don't want to be there. I love the people that I get to write with, but it's like my brain is in a million different places. So we took a whole different approach this time. I would write for a week and then go do something else and then I'd come back and write with some other people. It wasn't just all this big block of writing time."

Carrie kicks off her Blown Away tour tonight (Sept. 14) in Manchester, N.H., with Hunter Hayes serving as her opening act. Keep track of her tour schedule here.