Carrie Underwood is busy crossing the country on her Blown Away tour, and is working hard to make sure the tour's moniker is the experience of every concert attendee. To give fans an unforgettable evening, Carrie has included plenty of new sights and attractions including spending time suspended high above the audience each night.

"It doesn't bother me, to be honest, and my whole thought process behind it is that I want every single person in the audience to have a great seat," she explains to CMT. "If I were going to a concert when I was growing up or back when I was living here in Oklahoma, I probably wouldn't have been one of the fortunate ones to have one of the seats on the floor. I would have been up high in the back. I want people back there to feel like they had an amazing show, too."

The superstar entertainer says flying above the fans gives her a unique perspective. "I'll see 7-year-old or 10-year-old little girls waving their little hearts out, and I get to make eye contact and wave back at them," she explains. "They know I'm waving back at them, and to see them freak out afterwards is fun for me."

What's not as much fun for the singer -- since it tends to take her out of the moment -- is spotting family and friends in the crowd. "If I catch my mom out grinning at me, the magic is gone for me," she notes. "So I try to not look too much for people [that I know]."

One new element to Carrie's high-energy concerts is the addition of a tornado that swirls while she sings her No. 1 smash, "Blown Away." "It's really cool," she says. "When we were first trying to think of what we were going to do, that idea came up, and I was like, 'Wait. That's possible?' And they were showing us these videos of this thing that they had created, this tornado they had created. I don't really know what's happening behind me when I'm standing in front of it, but most of the time I find people watching us, staring at us, like, 'What is happening right now?' And then the second the song's over, it's like they snap out of the trance they were just in and everybody just screams really loud. So it's really cool. It's definitely a cool moment for me."

Carrie blew away her audience at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City over the weekend, when she announced she would donate her proceeds from the Nov. 10 concert to those recovering from Hurricane Sandy. The storm resulted in massive flooding in the city, as well as the loss of a 50-foot piece of the historic boardwalk.

Carrie's Blown Away tour, which includes Hunter Hayes as her opening act, will head to Pennsylvania tomorrow night (Nov. 13) followed by stops in Michigan, Illinois and Missouri. Keep track of her upcoming schedule here.

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