As Carrie Underwood watches her latest single "Blown Away" continue to climb the charts, she's anxious to hit the road and deliver the song live during her upcoming tour.

"I feel like that song has allowed me to be able to do different things," says the superstar. "It's definitely making the tour be more dramatic. [It's] more of a juicy story. I get to tell these stories on stage, not just with my voice, but with everything that's going on around me, which is really cool."

Carrie's tour will kick off Sept. 14 and will continue throughout the U.S. and Canada until she wraps up for the year Dec. 22 in Sunrise, Fla. Hunter Hayes is set to open for Carrie and she says fans can expect to see some interaction on stage between them.

Carrie is currently in rehearsals and enjoys seeing all the plans she'd envisioned come to life as the elements of the production are finalized.

"We are doing all our music rehearsals, making sure everything is perfect and after that going to start our production rehearsals," she says. "I can't wait to see everything myself because I've seen so many computer renderings and stuff like that. I've seen video content on my computer, so I cannot wait to actually get in there and see how everything is going to look and see all the moving parts. We definitely tried really hard to make everything a really great story and there's been a lot of toys to play with. There's such great technology out there now, so we're going to utilize that and make a really big show."

Of course, Carrie fans are also expecting to see some great fashion during the evening and they won't be disappointed. "[There are] a lot of very dramatic costumes and no two shows will be exactly the same as far as what I wear and when I wear it," she says. "I like to have options."

Earlier this summer, Carrie had a chance to take her music abroad with a show in London at the Royal Albert Hall as well as some shows in Australia. "[I] got to do five in Australia. It was just a lot of fun," she says. "I didn't know what to expect because I'd never tried to be an artist anywhere but here. I was really just trying to keep an open mind and to see what there was to be seen and not expect everybody to know my name or everything about me, but just go and just see what we could do. I feel like we made a really nice splash there and have plans to go back soon."

As much as she's looking forward to launching the tour with all its big production, Carrie recently taped an episode of VH1's "Unplugged" and enjoyed having an opportunity to deliver stripped-down, acoustic versions of her hits.

"It's a totally different experience," she explains. "People ask me: 'Which is your favorite? Big production or being in a little room and doing a really intimate performance?' You can't even compare the two because they are two really separate feelings and grooves to the song. It's always interesting to go and to do something [acoustic] that normally has a lot of production on it.

"I feel like it gives us a whole new appreciation for the songs when we take all that away and go in and have this moment with a small audience and get to sing, which is what I love more than anything. At some point, I'd love to do an acoustic tour even if it's just a small thing. I could just stand there and sing and I'd be the happiest person in the universe, no fancy-schmancy stuff around me, just doing what I really love to do."

The North American trek of Carrie's Blown Away tour will kick off Sept. 14 in Manchester, N.H. Keep track of her tour schedule here.