Carrie Underwood's husband, NHL player Mike Fisher, is currently on lockout and sticking closer to home, while Carrie is spending most of her time away on her Blown Away trek, checking in with him frequently on the road. But any thoughts of leaving her hubby a "honey-do" list seem to have gone right out the window!

"I wish that would happen, to be honest," the singer tells WYCD radio in Detroit. "I find myself getting angry, not for real, but getting annoyed because I was like, 'OK, I'll make my tour when you are going to be pretty much gone anyway during the season,' and now he's at home. We'll have these crazy days where there's all kinds of ... a photo shoot, this show, then we travel here and I've got to get on a plane and fly to some awards show. I'll call him and [say], 'What did you do today?' He'll say, 'I worked out and then I played golf.' I'm like, 'Oh, must be nice.'" (Watch the interview below.)

Carrie says during a previous NHL lockout, Mike played hockey in Europe. But she fears he may be getting a little long in the tooth for that option.

"He's kind of an older player," she notes. "He's not an old guy, but he's 31. So, in hockey years, that's like 50-something."

Carrie also reveals details of her Thanksgiving, which was spent with family in Oklahoma, since she had a show in Tulsa last week. She also had a Turkey Day dinner in Nashville with several friends who don't have family in the area. "We were a bunch of loners hanging out together," she says.

Although the superstar tweeted that she was going to have tofu turkey, she says they ended up not making that. But since she's a vegetarian and doesn't eat turkey, they also served "a lot of good side dishes that were sans meat."

Looking ahead to Christmas, Carrie says her husband told her not to get him anything this year.

"Because what do either one of us get each other?" she explains. He says, 'Nothing unless it has a motor.' But I've already done that. I bought the man a tractor. I've gotten him a four-wheeler, got him a car for our wedding present. So I'm out of things. I wouldn't know what else to get him with a motor, anyway."

On the subject of other things with motors, Carrie also talked about her new single, "Two Black Cadillacs." Side note to the singer: If Mike finds himself locked out of games for the rest of the season, maybe you could get him his very own zamboni? He's probably missing that.

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