Some people say the best part about hockey is all the fighting that takes place between the players on the ice. And even though her spouse is one of those in the line of fire, Carrie Underwood agrees! The country songbird doesn't mind when husband Mike Fisher gets into a brawl at a Nashville Predators game ... in fact, she cheers him on.

"When he fights, which is rare, but it does happen, I'm like, 'Get him, Baby! Get him! Punch him! Hurt him!'" Carrie admits with a laugh. "I yell. I don't enjoy it, but I know he can take care of himself, and I know he doesn't mind fighting.

"I'm not worried about Mike on the ice," she continues. "I've learned he's a tough guy. Mike's the kind of guy that does not complain. He could have a broken ankle and you'd never know it. I always find out through team people ... they're like, 'How's Mike's shoulder?' and I'm like, 'What's wrong with his shoulder?'"

The pair got some good news in that department this month, as well. Mike landed an $8.4 million, two-year contract extension with the Nashville Predators.

"Obviously, I love being here," says Mike, who was one of Nashville's alternate captains last season. "It has been a great year and a half for me. I love everything about the city. It is just a perfect situation."

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