There's no doubt that Carrie Underwood is always one of the best-dressed and most beautiful celebrities on any red carpet, but even the usually confident fashionista admits there are times when she finds getting dressed a bit challenging.

"I can do this," Carrie tells The Boot, gesturing to her casual outfit of sweatpants and a Nashville Predators sweatshirt, "or I can do red carpet. I'm bad with all the in-between stuff. I don't really know what I'm doing, and for some reason it always seems I dress inappropriate. I don't know what the deal is."

It's hard to imagine one of the best-dressed celebrities in the world worrying about her everyday apparel, but Carrie admits she has her moments. "I'll wear a short dress to church on Sunday, not too short," she clarifies with a smile, "and people will be like, 'Aren't you cold? and I'll be like, 'Yes I am.' I don't know how this always happens. Or vice versa; I'll be wearing a sweater. I don't know how to dress myself for every day. I just feel uncomfortable in pants all day. It seems like even if I dress nice, as soon as I get home, the first thing that I do is let my dogs out and I change my clothes."

When she's not working, Carrie prefers comfortable attire. "I love getting dressed up, but I do it so often, when I don't have to I don't," she explains.

The glamorous superstar confesses she also has a penchant for men's clothes. "This is a man's sweatshirt," she says, pointing to the shirt she's wearing. "I don't even like the women's sweatshirts. I dress like a dude. Sometimes I spray my husband's cologne on myself because it smells so good. I don't like the women's stuff, so I buy a small [size] in guy's sweatshirts."

When it comes time to get girly, Carrie is a champ as evidenced by the gorgeous cover shot on her new album Blown Away, which has spent five weeks at No. 1 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart.

"Ever since I heard 'Blown Away,' I wanted that to be the album title," Carrie says. "The first time I heard it I was like, 'Yeah that feels right' so I can't have a title like 'Blown Away' and have some ho-hum picture of me on the front. It's got an intentionally, but not overtly 'Wizard of Oz' kind of feel to it. It's tumultuous. There's yellow bricks under me and more things that people would notice if they were really looking. I wanted to step it up a little bit and go for it. There were some really great photos from that shoot and they are all kind of a little more fierce."

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