It's been almost five years since Bryan White released a new album, but thankfully the wait is almost over for his eager fans. The singer will release his latest record, 'Shine,' on May 27.

White relied on Kickstarter to raise the funds to record the new set of tunes, raising almost $35,000 for the project.

"I have been blessed over the past 18 years to be smack dab in the middle of what I love doing, making music," he explains. "I've recorded many albums under the umbrella of labels. While very grateful, I am also excited to be into a new chapter of my life. Somewhere free from someone looking over my shoulder during my creative and most vulnerable process."

The Oklahoma native, who released four albums on Asylum in the '90s, says he wants to make 'Shine' stand out from any of his previous offerings.

"My goal with this record, is to find the 'Inner-kid' again," he notes. "To approach this new music letting God lead and getting completely out of the way of the music that wants to happen. While that will be a major challenge for me, as I have been through much hardship, in the area of being hyper-crytical of myself, regarding singing, and my music, I believe it's possible!"

White had four No. 1 hits, including 'Someone Else's Star' and 'Rebecca Lynn,' before taking time off to focus on what was most important to him.

“After a decade of building my career and being on the road so much, I was spent, mentally and physically,” he explains. “I knew, I needed to get away and take some time to breathe and do some of the other things I had always dreamed of.”

Stepping away from the spotlight allowed him to focus on his marriage to actress Erika Page White, as well as his two sons, Justin and Jackson.

“I found my true identity, not only as an artist and a songwriter, but as a human being," he says. "I realize now that life is an incredible gift and it’s meant to be lived on purpose and outwardly. Music is a gift and a great vehicle but it’s really about what happens beyond the music for me. What kind of legacy did I leave as a husband, as a father, and a friend?”

Earlier this year, White appeared on the TV show 'Private Lives of Nashville Wives,' which starred his wife along with the spouses of several other famous Nashville men, including Raul Malo's wife, Betty Malo, and Gary Chapman's wife, Cassie Chapman.

White isn't the only country star to use Kickstarter to fund a new project. Jo Dee Messina, Jason Michael Caroll, Whitney Duncan and Ty Herndon have all relied on the crowd-funding website to help raise money for new albums.

Pre-order information for 'Shine' is available here.

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