Every Saturday, The Boot brings you the week's top tweets so you can see what your favorite stars are chirping about! This week's memorable Twitter posts come from Kellie Pickler, Miranda Lambert and Miranda's fiancé, a.k.a. the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry, Blake Shelton. And don't forget to follow The Boot (@thebootdotcom).

Kellie Pickler (@kelliepickler): "Hanging at the house w/ Jack ... last name Daniel's."

Brad Paisley (@BradPaisley) "For those of you late to the party here, I will not be accepting belated birthday wishes today. Too late." [Tweeted on October 29, one day after his 38th birthday.]

Bryan White (@bryan_white): "On the way 2 school this morning my son said, 'Daddy, I know who u can b 4 Halloween.' I said, 'Who?' He said, with a smile, 'Bryan White.' Funny ..."

Jimmy Wayne (@JimmyWayne): "Even if its Halloween Eve, there's still something strange about an adult walking into Kroger wearing a mask.. ya just don't know 4 sure"

Chris Young
(@ChrisYoungMusic) "My new favorite nickname for a mullet: the neck blanket."

Blake Shelton (@blakeshelton): "Gimme an O!! Gimme a P!!!! Gimme an R!!! Gimme a Y!!!!! What's that spell?!!! Me!!!!!!!!" [Blake's tweet after being inducted into the Grand Ole Opry]

Miranda Lambert (@Miranda_Lambert): "I am engaged to an official Opry member!!!! So should I call it my 'Grand Ole Opry in law'!!!?"

Trent Tomlinson (@trenttomlinson): "Because I've got such a sweet tooth, I got dressed and went out in the rain and possible tornadoes to get an OREO shake from Jack in the Box."

Jaron and the Long Road to Love (@JaronATLRTL): "Sunday. Football. Nachos. Wings. Nap. Wings. Football. Pizza. Maybe gym."

Jewel (@jeweljk): "Got up at 5:20 & on way 2 work. If I were a guy I coulda slept in & skipped 2 hours 4 glam - but then I'd be a guy & that would just be weird!"

The Band Perry (@thebandperry): "14 days has brought us home. I'm in the mood to go Autumn leaf looking and to ... learn the harmonica. Who's with me?"

Billy Currington (@billycurrington): "Fish ain't bitin' ... still beats a good day of anything else."

Martina McBride (@martinamcbride): "Saw a squirrel with a death wish this morning ... had 2 put on the brakes and honk 2 get him/her 2 move. Just stopped right n my path. Crazy."

Chuck Wicks (@chuckwicksmusic): "Just got back to Nashville ... little boy walked by me and said 'Hey man, I like your truck.' Good to be home!"

Frankie Ballard (@frankieballard): "Flamingos make me happy. Add a flamingo to any situation and tell me u don't feel better!"

Love and Theft (@LNTweet): "Wow ... this Cowboys game is killing me. I ate a handful of candy corn to ease the pain. I'm not usually a sweet tooth but it seemed to help."

LeAnn Rimes (@leannrimes): "Why is it when I read about bugs or ants, my skin starts to itch? Yuck!!"

Chely Wright (@chelywright): "I'm having a really good bagel right now. It's worth a twitter update, believe me."

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