Brett Eldredge has been tapped to judge this year's Miss America competition.

The "Lose My Mind" singer is the first celebrity judge to be announced for the 95th anniversary of the historic event.

“I get to judge Miss America. Are you kidding me?!” Eldredge says in a statement. “Talk about a dream come true! I can’t wait to be a part of this.”

The single 29-year-old country star already knows what he'll be looking for among the 52 contestants.

"I love a woman that has it together," Eldredge tells People. "She knows what she wants for her career and her life and has goals. It's beyond beauty -- it's that they have it together, and they know what they want. I'll be basing a lot of my decisions on that."

Eldredge says that he will be looking for more than just the physical aspects among the young women.

"Swimsuit is obviously a great category, but the talent part says a lot about a person," he explains. "Everybody in the whole world has a certain talent. I grew up being in talent shows, and I always loved them, so I think that will be my favorite part -- seeing what each woman brings to the table."

Although Eldredge's upcoming album, Illinois, will be released two days before the pageant, and is named after his home state, he says that he won't be biased when it comes to narrowing down the contestants.

"I do love where I come from, but people will be watching me, thinking, 'Oh, he just likes that girl because she's from Illinois,'" he acknowledges. "If she's awesome, if she's talented, if she's bright, if she's got it together, then I'll give her my vote. I want to be the best judge possible -- if she's great, then maybe I'll help send her to the top, but everybody's fair game here!"

Illinois will show fans a new side of Eldredge, which is what he intended for his sophomore project.

“It’s definitely a depth of who I am. That’s why I wanted to name the album Illinois,” he says. “The roots of where you come from are always right there in your heart, and you carry all that along with you wherever you go, and that’s kind of who I am as a person and what I want that album to portray.”

The Miss America competition will air live from the Atlantic City, N.J., boardwalk on Sept. 13 at 9PM ET on ABC.

Pre-order Illinois on iTunes and Amazon.

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