Brett Eldredge is giving fans a sneak peek of another track, "Just a Taste," from his upcoming Illinois album.

The uptempo, sexy song, with lines like, "Your lips pressed to my lips / In my mind, I keep replaying it / Over and over, but that time I found that / You're my favorite flavor / But all you left me with was just a taste," was actually born from a true-life experience.

“I was in this situation with this girl where I thought she was totally into it,” Eldredge tells Entertainment Weekly. “I thought, ‘Wow, this might be the girl,’ but it turns out she was just going to give me just enough where I wanted her all the time before she left.”

The 29-year-old has been sharing a few new tunes recently. In addition to his current single, "Lose My Mind," Eldredge has also revealed a song called "Fire."

“Sometimes you get that connection with someone that is so on fire that it’s fun to watch everyone around you stop and stare,” he says of the song. ""Fire" captures that moment, and I hope it makes you sweat!”

Eldredge co-wrote every song on both his freshman album, Bring You Back, and Illinois.

“I’m a songwriter at heart, and I’ve always wanted to show that,” he says. “I just hit this groove with songwriting this time; it’s the most comfortable and the best I’ve ever felt in the studio.”

Illinois will be released on Sept. 11. It is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes.

Eldredge will co-headline the 2015 CMT on Tour this fall with Thomas Rhett. All of his upcoming dates are available on his website.

Listen to Brett Eldredge, "Just a Taste":

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