Brett Eldredge has released a new single, "Lose My Mind," as well as its accompanying music video.

The song is from his upcoming sophomore album and was co-written by Ross Copperman, Eldredge and Heather Morgan.

"The day we wrote "Lose My Mind," I had this groove in my head that kept me awake the night before," Eldredge says. "This groove was driving me nuts. And a relationship can be like that too, when a person completely takes control of your thoughts, and you can't do anything but think about them. It drives you completely crazy and makes you lose your mind."

You make all my screws come loose," Eldredge croons during the tune. "You got me perfectly confused / Always find a way to mess me up and drive me wild / I love the way you make me lose my mind."

"That's what this song's about," he explains. "When you literally feel like you’re going crazy, but it's because you're so crazy about them and shows you how much you love them and you can't get enough."

The video shows Eldredge as a patient in a mental health hospital, complete with a straight jacket, who is fantasizing about a woman (played by Victoria's Secret model Rachel Hilbert), who appears as a nurse, a janitor and a doctor, making him lose his mind. The storyline might seem a bit far-fetched, but it turns out that it was all Eldredge's idea.

"I'm a very high-strung guy, and I feel like I'm probably going crazy a lot of the time," Eldredge tells People. "I just wanted to make a fun video, portraying the way a girl kinda makes you lose your mind and completely wraps all of your thoughts around her.

"Sitting on a plane, I literally started typing up how I thought it would be to do it, and here I am," he continues. "You make it up and dream it and imagine it, and then you try to make it come true somehow."

Download "Lose My Mind" on iTunes.

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